Saturday, June 7, 2008

JungleDisk on Mac OS X 10.4.11

By default JungleDisk mounts to /Volumes/JungleDisk with read/write permissions to all users. So any other user on the machine can access it while it is mounted (a possibility if an SSH server is running or Fast User Switching is enabled).

This situation can be slightly improved by stopping the automatic mounting and manually mounting to a more appropriate directory. Assuming other users don't have permissions to access your home directory:

  1. In JungleDiskMonitor -> Preferences -> Jungle Disk Options, change the "Mount volume on startup as:" field to be empty.

  2. Quit JungleDiskMonitor and start it up again. The JungleDisk volume should not be mounted.

  3. $ mkdir $HOME/jungledisk

  4. $ mount_webdav http://localhost:2667/ $HOME/jungledisk
Now only root can get to your mounted JungleDisk. However while the JungleDiskMonitor is running, any user on the system can mount your JungleDisk by issuing a similar command to the last one listed above.

A question about this has been asked in the forums, but I can't see a resolution yet.

Configuration is located at $HOME/Library/Preferences/jungledisk-settings.ini. While the file is in plaintext, the AWS secret key and encryption/decryption keys are actually located in the login keychain, not in the configuration file.

The cache is located at $HOME/Library/Caches/jungledisk/cache. It is not encrypted. This can be protected by using FileVault, although in a multi-user situation (SSH Server of Fast User Switching), once logged in, the home directory is effectively unencrypted, accessible by root and any other user depending on filesystem permissions. Another option is an encrypted disk image, which has the same sort of mult-user issues once it is mounted. I haven't tried encfs on the mac yet.

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