Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cross Platform Password Management

Previously I used a MacBook as my main computer and authentication credentials were stored in the native Keychain. I now use a number of trusted machines that are a mixture of Macs and Ubuntu linux and I would like to manage and utilise those credentials from any of the machines.

Many of the credentials are for web applications, so browser integration will be handy. So first of all I am switching from Safari to Firefox on the Macs to have a similar browser on all platforms. I am using a Firefox 3.0 release candidate. Firefox 2.x looks completely out of place on a Mac.

The Firefox Password Manager stores its data in two files (key3.db, signons3.txt) in your profile directory. These files are portable across my machines (I am happy that Firefox isn't integrated with the Apple Keychain), so I manage and share them via Git. By default, anyone with access to the two files can obtain your credentials, so I have also set a master password to take care of that.

To handle the case where I have multiple logins to the same site, I have installed the Secure Login add-on. So far it has worked really well.

For all other credentials I am using KeePassX. It stores its data in a file you specify. The file is portable across my machines and it is also shared via Git.

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