Friday, June 6, 2008

JungleDisk on Linux

I have installed JungleDisk on my ubuntu linux machine at work and my mac mini at home. I have set it up to use encryption and have been happily accessing (read and write) the same data from both machines (at different times).

Using the default settings on linux, JungleDisk mounts to $HOME/jungledisk and stores its configuration and cache in $HOME/.jungledisk.

When mounted, it seems that no other user can access the jungledisk directory. I tried as root and got a permission denied error. I was pleasantly surprised by this behaviour.

However, any user with sufficient permissions can access the .jungledisk directory. This contains both a local cache and a configuration file named jungledisk-settings.ini. There are two security issues here:

  • The jungledisk-settings.ini file contains both your AWS secret key and your encryption/decryption keys in the clear.

  • The local cache is unencrypted.
The simple solution was to move the .jungledisk directory into an encrypted encfs directory and create a symlink to it. Problem solved.

EDIT: There is a now a follow-up post.

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