Tuesday, June 10, 2008

JungleDisk on Linux, Take 2

In my first look at JungleDisk on linux, I missed the fact that it uses WebDAV by default. Not only does this expose all your JungleDisk files to anyone that can connect to the WebDAV server on your machine (port 2667 by default), but it also has file metatdata issues (timestamps, permissions).

On linux, JungleDisk can also be mounted as a FUSE filesystem.

In switching from WebDAV to FUSE, I had a few minor issues:

  • Disabling WebDAV (optional) is achieved by setting the local port to 0. I tried through the GUI, but it didn't seem to get persisted. Modifying the jungledisk-settings.ini file directly did the trick.

  • When using the command line only daemon, I needed to use an absolute path for the mountpoint.

  • When using the command line only daemon I couldn't figure out how to see pending operations (without having WebDAV enabled). So I switched back to the GUI version.

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