Wednesday, June 11, 2008

iiNet Customer Service

I am a customer of iiNet for ADSL2+ and VOIP. Up until today I have been happy with the service.

The story starts a couple of months ago. I needed a static IP address temporarily, so to do that iiNet had to upgrade me from a home plan to a business plan (can't get a static IP on a home plan). That all went very smoothly and for an extra $30/month I had a static IP.

Today I phoned iiNet to change back to the home plan, as I no longer require the static IP.

First of all I had to identify myself and I was asked for my username and password. Their hold messages go on about security, yet the first thing they do is ask me for my credentials over an open channel. I refused, so I needed to provide the last two digits of the bank account they direct debit from. So after figuring out which bank I pay this from, I log into internet banking to get the details.

Secondly, I got hit with an unexpected $20 downgrade fee. Might have been nice to know about that back at the beginning of this process.

Thirdly, once they had finished the procedure to revert my plan, I requested to make a complaint. I was informed that since I was no longer a business customer (30 seconds ago they had switched me from business to home) they couldn't accept my complaint as this was the business section, but they would be happy to transfer me to someone in the home section.

After all this, the guy then asks if there is anything else he can 'help' me with and pleasantly wishes me a nice day???

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