Sunday, May 24, 2009

Backup Google Docs

I want a command line tool to copy all my data from Google Docs to my local machine. So far I have found 3 ways to download data from Google Docs, but none are satisfactory.

Google Docs: Download Greasemonkey script runs in Firefox.

GDataCopier looked like it would do the trick, but the current version (1.02) only seems to work with documents and spreadsheets. The feature list for the forthcoming version adds support for presentations, but there is no mention of PDFs.

GDocBackup doesn't work with PDFs and doesn't seem to have a command line option. I already had mono installed on my MacBook, so installed GDocBackup to try it out. First I got an cxception that boiled down to:

 System.DllNotFoundException: gdiplus.dll
After sifting through these: DllNotFoundException, OpenSim Troubleshooting, I added the following line to /opt/local/etc/mono/config to get it working:
<dllmap dll="gdiplus.dll" target="/opt/local/lib/libgdiplus.dylib" os="!windows"/>


Anonymous said...

GDocBackup has a couple commandline options. Check the latest version.

Anonymous said...

GDocBakcup uses official Google APIs. At the moment such APIs does not support PDFs download.

Brad Clow said...

Yes, the Google API documentation makes no mention of downloading PDFs.

Anonymous said...

The new version of GDocBackup has a pure command-line version. (0.4.1)