Thursday, April 16, 2009

MacBook water resurrection

Over Easter, my (adorable) 4 year old daughter was watching a DVD on my MacBook and she spilt a cup of water on it. When I got to it, the MacBook had water on the keyboard and had stopped working.

After wiping off the liquid on the outside, I pulled out all the parts that are fairly easy to access - battery, RAM and hard drive. The hard drive casing was wet. One RAM stick had a few small drops on it and both had a white powder on the contacts. I wonder if this was a residue from rapidly evaporating water. I propped the MacBook upside down, with the parts still out, hoping it would dry overnight. I didn't hold much hope.

The next morning I put it back together and tried to power it on, but no go.

We traveled home Monday and that night I plugged it in and it actually booted up. There was a wet patch in the bottom of the screen, but otherwise it was working fine. I couldn't believe it.

I found this post, so the next day I tried it. Two terminals executing yes > /dev/null to max out the CPU and the screen open at about 45 degrees, to try and catch the heat. About 4 hours later the wet patch was gone.

I am writing this post on the MacBook. Amazing!

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