Friday, January 23, 2009

Agile Development Methodologies - Reality vs Hype

Just tidying up. This is an old presentation I gave at the QUT FIT Dean's Industry Working Breakfast.

The circulated abstract for the morning was:
Over the past decade agile development methodologies have become an increasingly common approach to software development. While there are a number of different agile methods, the various agile approaches are underpinned by the capacity to embrace and promote evolutionary change throughout the entire life-cycle of the project. Common characteristics of agile methods also include the frequent delivery of software, close interaction between clients and developers, and the expectation that requirements will not only change but that all requirements may not be known at the outset of a project.

Mr Richard Thomas will highlight research currently being undertaken at QUT’s Faculty of Information Technology including the findings of a recent study exploring how organisations, particularly SMEs, go about adopting software engineering methodologies. Richard’s presentation will briefly outline development of an Agile methodology called RSWP which is aimed at supporting inexperienced developers. He will also discuss how research indicates Agile methodologies will impact on the commercial world of tomorrow.

Focusing on the business perspective Mr Brad Clow will draw on the experience of Workingmouse in delivering commercial projects based on Agile Development Methodologies. His presentation will include not only the advantages of the approach, but issues which need to be addressed in order to successfully establish such an initiative, concerns of business projects moving to an agile approach and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

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