Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jungle Disk R.I.P.

In the past I have tried to manage my files by storing then in Git and keeping a central repository on Amazon S3 via Jungle Disk. I was using this system from two different macs and a linux machine and when it worked, it worked well, but the intermittent corruption/synchronisation issues were a killer.

My fallback plan was to store the central repositories on encFS on a USB memory stick instead of Jungle Disk over S3. I tried with the USB stick formatted as FAT32 and then ext3 but that also had intermittent failures.

Over the last few weeks I have ditched the linux machine and stored the repositories in an encrypted sparse disk image on the USB stick formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). It has worked very well so far!


Random Thoughts said...

Try - it's the best way I've found of truly using my Amazon S3 files. It has a great web browser with some great app integrations and also has a windows browser for files as well as firefox plug-in, iPhone access, iGoogle etc.

Brad Clow said...

Perhaps marketing spam - this doesn't seem to mount S3 as a filesystem.