Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scoodi vs Freecycle

Was asked about this recently. Three reasons I prefer Scoodi over Freecycle:

  1. With Freecycle I drown under the volume of email. With Scoodi, I have more options to tailor the way I hear about new listings (finer granularity on my geographical area, email, RSS, etc). I find RSS more useful than email for notifications like this.

  2. Freecycle doesn't work well if there are no takers at the time an item is posted to the mailing list. Scoodi provides a solution for this case. It was designed to be a big searchable/browsable inventory of available stuff near you.

  3. Scoodi has free and 'for sale' stuff on the same site, where as Freecycle is only for free items. I find this convenient, as an item is still being recycled/re-used whether it changed hands for free or if there was money involved.

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