Monday, May 5, 2008

And the Winner is: Git

I have decided to move from Subversion to a distributed VCS and have been considering Git and Mercurial. I have settled on Git for the following reasons:

  • Git seems more granular. I expect this to provide more flexibility to adapt to different circumstances, but at a greater learning time cost.

  • The way tags are managed in Mercurial (.hgtags) looks a bit odd.

  • The notion Git has of tracking content rather than files is interesting, although I don't understand the ramifications yet.
To be fair, either Mercurial or Git would be suitable for my current needs. Mercurial was initially more attractive as it seemed simpler to get up and going and the Subversion import works better on my existing repository.

There were a couple of interesting posts I found along the way: Experimenting with Git and The Differences Between Mercurial and Git.

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