Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lockharts Lament

Lockharts Lament is a very interesting and worthwhile read. It is about mathematics, art, society and education. Especially education. A few interesting quotes and ones that made me laugh:

"The only people who understand what is going on are the ones most often blamed and least often heard: the students. They say, “math class is stupid and boring,” and they are right."

"High School Geometry: Instrument of the Devil"

"We’re killing people’s interest in circles for god’s sake!"

"The first thing to understand is that mathematics is an art."

It is a about 25 pages long, at least read the conclusion (the last two pages).

Via Enfranchised Mind.


Brad Clow said...

Chris Okasaki had some interesting comments about Lockarts Lament here.

Brad Clow said...

Lockhart's Lament - The Sequel contains some feedback to Paul's essay and his response.